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The Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association (LOWA) is a non-profit professional improvement organization. The goals of the association are as follows:
  • Promote and enhance media coverage of nature-based outdoor activities in Louisiana.
  • Facilitate the development of professional skills in the craft of outdoor communication.
  • Assist members in making their outdoor communication businesses more efficient and profitable.
  • Provide opportunities for communicators to network with others in their field or related fields.
  • Promote conservation and wise use of fish, wildlife and other natural resources.
  • Create opportunities for outdoor communicators to develop mutually productive relationships with individuals, firms and other entities that supply products and services useful for outdoors activities.
  • Develop adherence to the highest ethical standards of the field.
LOWA has both active and supporting members. Active membership is qualified by productivity in outdoor communication. Active membership includes newspaper and magazine writers, editors, columnists, photographers, radio and television broadcast journalists, wildlife artists, internet journalists, book authors, videographers, lecturers, and public relations specialists.
LOWA supporting members are firms, individuals or organizations which are not active communicators, but who also have an interest in nature-based outdoor activities. Supporting membership provides an opportunity for access to and interaction with outdoor communicators. Supporting members provide valuable services in a partnership capacity to LOWA.
LOWA is governed by a board of directors. The immediate past-president serves as chairman of the board. A supporting member liaison serves as a voting member of the board of directors. Officers consist of president, vice-president, and recording secretary, and are elected for two year terms. An executive director conducts the day-to-day activities of the board. While officers serve limited terms, the executive director provides continuity from term to term and is familiar with the details of the organization, and with officer and committee duties.
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