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2018 Youth Journalism Contest Results

Seven young, aspiring writers and photographers from across Louisiana were judged winners in the 2018 Youth Journalism Contest announced on August 11, 2018 at the banquet that headlines the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association’s annual conference.  This year’s awards banquet was held in Gonzales, Louisiana.

There are three categories, Senior Essay, Junior Essay and Photography.  All youngsters received cash awards and certificates for their accomplishments. The YJC is sponsored by Louisiana members of Safari Club International, LOWA and The Advocate.

The complete list of winners, their ages, story/photo title, is as follows:


First Place – James Corley Sanders, age 13, “Did You See That”

Second Place – William Morrison, age 15, “The Plan”

Third Place – Reese Blakeney, age 17, “What Can Happen in a Few Seconds”


Junior Photography

First Place – Ben Wroten, age 10, “The Flyover”

Second Place – Hope Lemoine, Age 9, “Golden Glory”

Third Place – James Corley Sanders, age 13, “Come on in…The Water’s Fine”


Senior Photography

First Place – Janae D’Arensbourg, Age 14, “King of Lake Martin”

Second Place – William Morrison, age 15, “The Egret”

Third Place – Nathan Boe, Age 18, “My Dog Jax”

For more information, contact LOWA YJC Chairman, Joe Macaluso at

From L-R.  Ron Bartles of the Louisiana Chapter of Safari Club International with this years YJC winners, William Morrison, Hope Lemoine, Ben Wroten, James Corley Sanders and YJC Chairman, Joe Macaluso


2018 YJC Award Winning Photos

  1st Place Senior Photo by Janea D’Arensbourg, “King of Lake Martin

   2nd Place Senior Photo by William Morris, “The Great White Hunter”

   3rd Place Senior Photo by Nathan Boe, “My Dog Jax”


    1st Place Junior Photo by Ben Wroten, “The Flyover”

  2nd Place Junior Photo by Hope Lemoine, “Golden Glory”

  3rd Place Junior Photo by James Corley Sanders, “Come on in, the Water’s Fine”