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The Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association (LOWA) honored its members during the group’s 73rd annual conference, August 10-11, 2018 in Gonzales, Louisiana. The honorees were selected for awards in the association’s 2018 Excellence in Craft (EIC) competition.

The EIC contest, which recognizes excellence within various categories of outdoor-related communications, has been held continuously since 1945. Member entries for the 2018 competition were anonymously judged by members of the Northwestern Outdoor Writers Association.

LOWA membership includes newspaper and magazine writers, editors, columnists, photographers, radio and television broadcast journalists, wildlife artists, internet journalists, book authors, videographers and public relations specialists. This year’s contest saw 17 members compete in six different categories with 61 various entries being presented to the judges for consideration.

LOWA would like to thank the following EIC sponsors for their continued support of the contest:  the National Wild Turkey Federation, Louisiana Sportsman Magazine, the Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries Foundation, the Louisiana Association of Professional Biologists and the Louisiana Charter Boat Association.

The winners of the 2018 EIC competition by category:

Magazine Short Feature (less than 1000 words)

1st       Chris Holmes        October Means Prime Kayak Time

2nd      Chris Holmes        Exotic ‘Yak Trips

3rd       Terry Jones           The Great Deer Comeback in Louisiana

Magazine Regular Feature (greater than 1000 words)

1st       Wendy Billiot          Big Sky Ranch

2nd      Steve McNemar    A Right of Passage

3rd       John Flores           Hunting with the Carver


1st       Chris Holmes        The Traveling Sportsman

2nd      Lyle Johnson         The Lowly Goo

3rd       Glynn Harris         A Giant of a Man Has Fallen

Broadcast (Radio or Television, of any length)

1st       Don Dubuc, Martha Spencer Chris LeCoq          Wild About Hogs

2nd      Chris LeCoq          In Times of Disaster, Search for Opportunity

3rd       Gary Rispone        Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo 2017


1st       Kinny Haddox      A Long-Standing Friend

2nd      Chris LeCoq          Monster Missouri Bucks

3rd       Wendy Billiot      Swamp Things-The Wild Side of Maurepas Swamp 


1st       Chris Holmes        Jumping Sailfish

2nd        Chris Holmes        Lava Hike

3rd       John Flores            The Color of Spring

 For additional information:  Vicki Holmes, EIC Chairman, 504-648-2354,

The Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association is a non-profit organization comprised of active outdoor communicators including newspaper and magazine writers, columnists, editors, photographers, cartoonists, radio and television broadcast journalists, book authors, lecturers and public relations specialists.



Magazine Short Feature winners, Terry Jones, Chris Holmes and Chairman, Vicki Holmes


Magazine Regular Feature winners, Wendy Billiot, Terry Jones and Steve McNemar


Electronic award winners, Wendy Billiot, Chris LeCoq and Kinny Haddox


Broadcast award winners, Martha Spencer, Chris LeCoq, Don Dubuc and Gary Rispone



Newspaper award winners, Lyle Johnson, Glynn Harris and Chris Holmes


Photo award winners, John Flores and Chris Holmes


   1st Place by Chris Holmes-Lava Hike

  2nd Place by Chris Holmes-Leaping Sailfish

  Third Place by John Flores–The Color of Spring