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2007 LOWA Excellence in Craft Awards

Magazine Short Feature (<999 words)

Sponsors:  Louisiana Forestry Association and Louisiana Association of Professional Biologists

1.   Don Dubuc, When Hunting Crow is Like Eating Crow

2.   Todd Masson, Duck Party: Will Louisiana be ready?

3.   Butch Thurmond, Ground Work:  The Bog Pond Buck and the Girl


Magazine Regular Feature (> 1,000)

Sponsor: Shreveport-Bossier Convention & Tourist Bureau

1.   Paul Titus, Only in Louisiana

2.   Deborah Burst, Down the Bayou

3.   Randy Lanctot, Ducking the Delta with JW and Gus



Sponsor: Louisiana Sportsman Magazine

1.   Deborah Burst, Sea Seeks Seashells by the Seashore 

2.   Glynn Harris, Black Friday Turns Writer Blue

3.   Don Dubuc, Open Season Sheds Bad Light on Hunters


Broadcast (Radio or Television)

Sponsor: National Marine Manufacturers Assn/New Orleans Boat Show

1.   Don Dubuc, Outdoors with Don Dubuc Special 2007

2.   Gary Rispone, Joe Macaluso, and Dick Graeser, Paradise Louisiana #241, Featuring Fishing Galore 2007

3.   Lyle Johnson, Mock Coon Hunt


Electronic Media

Sponsor: Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association

1.   John Simeone, The Lost Jingle of the Coins

2.   Chris Ginn, High Cotton Crappie

3.   Todd Masson, Hot and Cold


Black and White Still Photo

Sponsors: Louisiana Charter Boat Association and Louisiana Hunting & Fishing (

1.   Dave Moreland, Shoot Now

2.   Chris Ginn, Quizzical Quail

3.   Chris Ginn, September Sunrise


Color Still Photo

Sponsor: Cajun Coast Visitors & Convention Bureau 

1.   Mike Lane, Duck Dog in Action

2.   Chris Ginn, Timber Takeoff

3.   Helmut Ermlich, Pelican in Flight


Topical Article on Coastal Wetland Protection/Restoration 

Sponsor: Coastal Wetland Planning, Protection and Restoration Act Outreach Committee

1.   Wendy Billiot, Terrebonne’s Natural Defenses Nearly Gone

2.   Todd Masson, Caernarvon Diversion Having Impact

3.   Todd Masson, Morganza’s Leaky Levee


Book Sponsor: Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries, underwritten by the Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries Foundation

1.   Mike Lane, Angler’s Guide to Fishes of the Gulf of Mexico

2.   Gordon Hutchinson, The Quest and the Quarry

3.   Mike Lane, Offshore Fishermen’s Bible

2007 Excellence in Craft Winning Photos