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Magazine Short Feature (< 999 words)

1st  Todd Masson:  Duck Opener is Like Christmas Morning

2nd Glynn Harris:  First Pump Comes Late on Gobbler No. 28

3rd  Andy Crawford:  West Virginia Kids Have Heart

4th  Todd Masson:  Is Duck Stamp Hike Worth the Price?


Magazine Regular Feature (> 1,000)

1st  Gordon Hutchinson:  The Shame of New Orleans

2nd Don Dubuc:  Deer Dogs with Wings

3rd  Todd Masson:  St. Drew

4th  Todd Masson:  Down & Dirty    



1st  John Flores:  Banding Study in Louisiana Helps Researchers Understand Hunting Pressure on Woodcocks

2nd  Andy Crawford:  Big Shots

3rd   Don Dubuc:  Pig Killer Needs to Lay Low

4th   Wendy Billiot:  On the Fringe: A Trip to Grand Isle Made Simple


Broadcast (Radio or Television, of any length)

1st  Don Dubuc:  Summer Special

2nd  Don Dubuc:  Winter Special

3rd  Gary Rispone and Dirk Graeser:  Brees on the Seas

4th  Lyle Johnson, James “Goosie” Guice and Greg Cedotal:  Atchafalya Basin Crawfishing



1st  Jason Aycock:  Bayou Bucks

2nd  Andy Crawford:  Triple Success for Junior Rookie

3rd  Wendy Billiot:  Women and Fishing

4th  Lyle Johnson:  Pass it On


Black and White Still Photo

1st  John Flores: Fishermen Waiting in the Fog

2nd  Chris Ginn:  Sunrise Stalkler

3rd  John Flores:  Gun Powder

4th  Chris Ginn:  Solitary Sac-A-Lait


Color Still Photo

1st  Gordon Hutchinson:  Confiscated Arms

2nd  John Flores:  Dawn Breaking on Marsh

3rd  Chris Ginn:  Mallard Maestro

4th  John Flores:  Brown Pelican Infants: Only a Momma’s Love


Topical Article on Coastal Wetland Protection/Restoration (> 750 words)

1st  Andy Crawford:  Proposal Would Dredge Pass a Loutre, Revive Surrounding Marshes

2nd  Deborah Burst:  Tides of Change

3rd  Paula Ouder:  A Map of Many Uses

4th  Lyle Johnson:  Barataria-Terrebonne Program Seeks to Save Important Habitat



1st  Todd Masson and Gordon Hutchinson  The Great New Orleans Gun Grab

2nd  John Flores:  Heart of a Hunter

3rd  David Moreland:  A Checklist of Woody & Herbaceous Deer Food Plants of Louisiana

2008 Excellence in Craft Award Winning Photos