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2009 Excellence in Craft Awards

Magazine Short Feature (< 999 words)

Sponsors:  Louisiana Forestry Association and Louisiana Association of Professional Biologists

  1. Gordon Hutchinson, The Great Gun Grab 
  2. Jerald Horst, Kings of the Road
  3. Deborah Burst, Animal Attraction


Magazine Regular Feature (> 1,000)

Sponsor:  Louisiana Charter Boat Association and Coastal Conservation Association of Louisiana

  1. James Guice, Mother Nature You’re a B*tch
  2. Andy Crawford, Youth Not an Obstacle
  3. Terry Jones, Elk Reintroduction



Sponsor: Louisiana Sea Grant College Program and LSU AgCenter

  1. John Flores, Festivals, Hurricanes & Heart
  2. John Flores, Saltzman Still Calling Waterfowl Home
  3. Glynn Harris, Brer Rabbit at Home in Briar Patch


Broadcast (Radio or Television, of any length)

Sponsor: Lake Charles Southwest Louisiana Convention and Visitors Bureau

  1. Mike Lane and Gino Kalkanogulu, Guatemala
  2. Lyle Johnson, James Guice and Greg Cedotal, Blind River Gobblers
  3. Gary Rispone, Joe Macaluso, Frank Hillyard and Dirk Graeser, 2009 Bassmasters



Sponsor: Houma Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

  1. Paula Ouder, Reflections on Chandeleur
  2. Andy Crawford, Wurm Worries
  3. Butch Thurmond, Hunstman Harmony


Black and White Still Photo

Sponsor: Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association

  1. John Flores, Vigil on the Marsh
  2. John Flores, Speckle Belly Riceland Ridge
  3. Lyle Johnson, Rocky Raccoon


Color Still Photo

Sponsor: Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association

  1. Andy Crawford, Bar Hopping with Kevin Short
  2. Andy Crawford, Learning Curve
  3. Chris Holmes, Misty


Topical Article on Coastal Wetland Protection/Restoration (>750 words)

Sponsor: Coastal Wetland Planning Protection and Restoration Act

  1. Don Dubuc, Nutria on the Bounty
  2. Lyle Johnson, Walk on the Wild Side
  3. Wendy Billiot, Tenacity over Tears



Sponsor: Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation

  1. Jerald Horst, Louisiana Seafood Bible
  2. Jerald Horst, Trout Masters
  3. Charles Frank, Anatomy of a Waterfowl