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Pursuant to the LOWA Constitution before you can qualify for active membership, you must meet certain criteria or qualifications.  Below is a list of criteria for membership.  If you feel that you meet the criteria for membership, follow the instructions to the right to begin the Membership Application process.

Individuals shall be eligible to apply for active membership after they have obtained a minimum of 100 points by any combination in every calendar year for which they are members. The board of directors may direct that membership audits be conducted to determine if active members still meet minimum criteria. Points are awarded as follows:

Active Membership
  1. OUTDOORS EDITOR–A paid outdoors editor for a daily or weekly public newspaper or magazine with a minimum of 2,000 subscribers – 100 points.
  2. SYNDICATED NEWSPAPER COLUMNIST–Syndicated newspaper writer or paid columnist – 20 points for each newspaper that buys the column and publishes it a minimum of twice each month.
  3. WILDLIFE ARTIST–Cartoonist, illustrator or artist of original artwork of an outdoor nature – 10 points for each paid published or commercially sold piece.
  4. RADIO AND TELEVISION BROADCASTER–Primary host or co-host of a radio show or television program focusing on the outdoors – 5 points per paid broadcast of 5 minutes duration or less, 10 points per paid broadcast of 5.01 to minutes duration, 20 points per paid broadcast of 10.01 minutes or greater duration.
  5. PHOTOGRAPHER–Freelance photographer for newspapers or magazines.   Photographs must be of an outdoors nature – 10 points for each paid outdoor  photograph.
  6. PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST–Public relations manager for a government or private organization in which 50 percent or more of time is directed towards outdoors communication. Duties must include such activities as news release writing, public speaking, newsletter publishing photography, speech writing or other communications endeavors -100 points.
  7. MAGAZINE STAFF–Publisher, editor, paid staff writer, and/or staff photographer for a recognized outdoors magazine or other similar print publication with a minimum of 2,000 subscribers – 100 points.
  8. FREELANCE MAGAZINE WRITER–Freelance outdoors magazine writer or columnist – 25 points for each freelance article sold to a magazine for which the writer is not a staff number.
  9. NEWSPAPER COLUMNIST–Outdoor newspaper columnist, feature writer, or  freelance writer not considered a staff writer or edition for the weekly or daily  newspaper in which it appears -10 points for each paid published piece.
  10. BOOK AUTHOR –Author of an outdoors book published and sold commercially – 100 points. The full 100 points carry over for five years after the initial publication date.
  11. MOVIE PRODUCER OR VIDEOGRAPHER –Producer, writer or videographer of  outdoors movies or videos sold commercially – 90 points for each paid or sold video of 30 minutes duration or longer. Points awarded only for the year in which  the movie or video was first marketed.
  12. INTERNET JOURNALIST — Publisher, editor,  paid staff  writer/photographer  or freelance writer/photographer for a commercial, for-profit Web site with a minimum of 500,000 hits and 50,000 user sessions per month, in which the majority of the content is devoted to outdoors, activities such as fishing, hunting, boating or camping.   The statistics must be published daily to the Web site by a  recognized professional traffic-analysis package. The Web site must contain traditional articles (no fishing reports), photos, news or other information normally associated with print newspapers or magazines, and must be available to the general public. The prospective member must be responsible for editing or  writing articles or taking or publishing of photos. Advertising sales efforts shall not count toward LOWA eligibility. The posting of fishing reports alone shall not be counted towards LOWA eligibility. Publishers, editors and paid staff reporters – 100 points. Freelance writer – 25 points for each article sold to a Web site for which the prospective member is not a staff member.  Freelance photographer – 10 points for each photo sold to a Web site for which the prospective member is not a staff member.
  13. LECTURER–A speaker who provides an oral presentations/lectures on outdoors  related activities (i.e. hunting, fishing, decoy carving, boating safety, etc.) for payment or who conducts the presentation before a LOWA recognized organization (Rotary Club, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, educational group, etc) – 20 points for each presentation lasting a minimum of 30 minutes. The LOWA reserves the right to make the determination of whether the organization is recognized by the LOWA or not. Questions about whether an organization is recognized by the LOWA should be referred to the Executive Director.
  14. PAID LOWA WORK–An individual who is paid by LOWA for services (i.e. Executive Director/Secretary and Fish Records Committee Chair) and lectures or writes about those functions – 5 points for each lecture, media appearance or written piece, for a maximum of 45 points per year.

Payment for accepted work may come in the form of cash, check, direct deposit into a bank account, or barter in lieu of cash for merchandise or services of comparable value to the cash value normally paid for the work provided.

Persons who fulfill the point requirements for active membership may complete an application for such membership and must be sponsored by an active member in good standing. With the application, applicants must present proof of qualifications and payment in the form of mastheads, clippings, tapes, employment contracts, or other acceptable means.

Membership Process

The membership committee shall review all applications, for active and apprentice memberships determine if the applicant meets the criteria for membership, and forward their decision to the executive secretary/director for processing. A member’s status may be changed from active to active-retired, apprentice to active, active to apprentice, or have his or her membership terminated under the rules herein and in the bylaws.


Click the link below to download an Active Member Application.  Complete the application and mail same with your $40.00 check and evidence of your qualifications to the following address:


Post Office Box 113518

Metairie, LA 70011-3518


Please direct any questions regarding membership to our Membership Chairperson, Wendy Billiot via email at or by telephone at 985-851-7578.  To email Wendy, click the link below.

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