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2013 Fish Records Awards

Two well-deserving Louisiana anglers will be presented with the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association’s (LOWA) prestigious Fish of the Year Awards for the year 2013 at the LOWA annual convention in Houma, August 8-9, 2014.

Annually LOWA honors the anglers voted by the LOWA Fish Records Committee to have had the most significant catch in the previous year in both Rod & Reel and Fly Fishing Divisions. The winners will receive their awards Saturday night, August 9, at the LOWA Awards Banquet, held at the Quality Inn in Houma.

Winners for the 2013 LOWA Fish of Year are:

Able Ceja of Fordoche, LA will receive the 2013 Fish of the Year award in the Rod & Reel Division for his catch and new 1st  place record for a 74.43 lb Gag Grouper (Mycteroperca Microlopis). He caught his new record on the Vidsca Knoll in July of 2013 fishing out of Venice, La.

Victor E. Tedesco III; MD of Houma, LA will be presented the award in the Fly Fishing Division for his feat of landing a new 1st place, 6.24 lb Gafftopsail Catfish (Bagre Marinus) at the Bouy 13 rocks in Grand Isle in May of 2013.