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LOWA Officers

Executive Board:

President                                 Lyle Johnson

Vice President                         Joe Macaluso

Secretary                                 Wendy Billiot

Chairman of the Board           Chris Holmes

Executive Director                   Chris Holmes


Committee Chairmen/Board of  Directors:

Ethics                                       Don Dubuc

Internal Awards                       Vicki Holmes

Conservation Awards              vacant

Fish Records                            Lyle Johnson

Nominations                            Rusty Tardo

Craft Improvement                  Joe Macaluso

Membership                            Wendy Billiot

Youth Journalism Contest       Joe Macaluso

Youth Angler Contest              Wendy Billiot

Youth Hunter Contest              David Moreland

Supporting Member Liaison    Gerald Gaspard


Board of Directors:

James “Goosie” Guice

Gary Krouse

Jonathan Olivier