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2013 Youth Hunter Awards

The Louisiana Male and Female 2013 Youth Hunters of the Year were recognized at the 2013 Louisiana Outdoor Writers Conference at the Quality Hotel in Houma on Saturday August 9th. Chloe Slayter of Pineville, LA received the award for the 2013 Female Youth Hunter of the Year and her brother Jay Chase Slayter received the award for the 2013 Male Youth Hunter. The brother and sister team were presented the awards by Rebecca Triche, Executive Director of the Louisiana Wildlife Federation. LWF is one of the sponsors of the Youth Hunter of the Year Program. Other sponsors include the South LA Branch of the Quality Deer Management Association, the Louisiana Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, Harrison Law, LLC, the BR Chapter of Delta Waterfowl and Bowie Outfitters in BR.


You may recognize Chloe because she was also the 2012 Female Youth Hunter of the Year. In 2012 Chloe killed a huge fourteen point buck on Red River WMA. This year our young Artemis (the Greek goddess of the hunt) participated in the youth lottery hunt on Bayou Cocodrie NWR. Since her brother was hunting on Buckhorn WMA with their dad during that youth hunt, her Uncle Billy Porche escorted her on this hunt.


It was a cold windy day and the morning hunt ended without any sightings. Chloe drew stand #2 (her favorite number) for the evening hunt. The weather conditions were still not too favorable for hunting but Chloe was certain Stand #2 was going to bring her success. Sure enough, at 4:20 at buck stepped out and the veteran hunter raised the rifle, aimed and fired. Once the excitement of the shot was over Chloe and her uncle went to look for the deer; it was a good blood trail and in short time Chloe had her hands on another monster buck. This time it was an eleven pointer with a 17 5/8″ inside spread that weighed 210 pounds.


Chloe highly of all the personnel involved with the youth hunting program on the refuge. She fully understands how much work goes into these hunts and she is very thankful that she was able to participate in it. Those of us who are involved with the Youth Hunter of the Year Program salute the Slayter family for keeping the Louisiana hunting tradition alive. The goal of the program is to get the youths in the woods hunting and to keep them hunting as they become adults. No doubt Chloe will be a lifetime hunter.


Chase Slayter was selected as the 2013 Male Youth Hunter of the Year for his participation in the East Zone Youth Waterfowl Hunt on Catahoula Lake. Chase and his two friends were guided on the hunt by Jay Slayter. It was a very foggy morning and the boat ride to the blind was quite challenging. They arrived safely howbeit a little late. In short fashion however the hunters were in the blind, the decoys were made ready and the ducks were everywhere in the air. Catahoula Lake is known nationally as a waterfowl area of importance. LDWF manages the lake to enhance the aquatic plant species that ducks eat and this lake generally provides excellent waterfowl hunting each fall. Many young hunters got their start hunting on Catahoula Lake and lake blinds are often passed along from one generation to the next.


The three hunters limited out that morning with pintail drakes being the duck of the hunt. It was an exciting hunt for Chase because both he and his dad were doing the calling and ducks were very responsive to the calls.


The two winners received plaques recognizing their achievement and a gift card from Bowie Outfitters. The 2014 Youth Hunter of the Year started during the 2014 Spring Turkey Season and really cranks up when the Dove Season begins in September. LDWF and LOWA encourage all youth hunters, 15 years old or younger, to participate in the Youth Hunter Registry Program and the Youth Hunter of the Year Program. Youths can find information about these programs at both the LDWF and LOWA websites. The department and the outdoor writers thank the sponsors and their generosity in making this program a reality.