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Each year, the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association (LOWA) sponsors its Youth Journalism Contest to encourage youth literacy and encourage the wise use of our outdoor resources.  The contest is designed to interest students in writing and photography about outdoor subjects such as hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, or any activity in the outdoor spectrum.

The contest is open to all students 18 years of age and younger.  This year 248 students submitted 339 entries from across Louisiana and a few from Mississippi.

The winners of the 2007 contest were honored at the annual LOWA conference  inShreveport, Louisiana on Saturday night, August 18, 2007.

Each category receives the following prizes:

1st Place–$150.00 and a certificate

2nd Place–$100.00 and a certificate

3rd Place—$50.00 and a certificate

Honorable Mention (4th Place)—certificate only

The winners learned their ranking in the contest at the awards ceremony.  Any student who was unable to attend will receive his/her check and/or certificate by mail after the event.

Gordon Hutchinson, Youth Journalism Contest chairman said:  “This was our second largest contest to date, and again the judges had a difficult time choosing the winners.  The quality of submissions was high, and showed real skills and creativity in writing and photography.  We congratulate all the winners, and encourage everyone to enter again next year.  You are all winners in our book when you are promoting the wise use of our outdoor resources and learning to communicate your appreciation of them.”


SENIOR ESSAY  (14-18 YOA) 72 entries submitted

1st Place–David Henderson  17 YOA  “Philmont, New Mexico”

2nd Place–Jake Hayden  16 YOA  “One Glass of Nature, Please”

3rd Place–Caitlin Norris  17 YOA  “My Favorite Place”

Honorable Mention–Elliott Boudreaux  15 YOA  “My Redfish Spot”


JUNIOR ESSAY WINNERS  (13 YOA and Under) 95 entries submitted

1st Place–Amanda Wolff   13 YOA  (Repeat winner in 2006   )“The Hunt”

2nd Place–Michael Carrigee   13 YOA   “Hunting the Dark Continent”

3rd Place–Maria LaGrone   10 YOA   “The Day I Will Never Forget”a

Honorable Mention–Luke LeBlanc   10 YOA   “My First Deer””


PHOTO WINNERS  (18 YOA and Under) 172 entries from 81 students submitted

1st  Place–Brittany Alane Barbay   10 YOA  “Acadian Home in Black and White”

2nd Place–Michael Gronowski   17 YOA  “The Shoreline”

3rd Place–Gaia Burrage   12 YOA  “Trees Shrouded in Fog”

Honorable Mention–Robert Gallant   17 YOA  “Sunset Lake”a

Honorable Mention–Amy Weaver   14 YOA  “Black Labrador”

2007 YJC Award Winning Photos


2007 YJC Award Winners